Monday, March 09, 2009

Going somewhere?

- Where are you going?

- The same as you, I guess.
But before, I would like to see all the children smiling again, all the animals treated as they should be, the Planet free of money and power influences. Only kind and respectful people dreaming about a better future.

- In what world do you live?


tecas said...

Olá Martinha... passei como não podia deixar de ser:) Tive que fechar o outro blog ( fiquei com o mesmo nome) por ter esquecido...imagina :) e como percebo " muito" disto, foram-se os comentários.Parabéns e um bji...
Tenho saudade vossas.

Anonymous said...

That's the question...

It's important to put the feet on land, think hard, although in a realistc way.
It would be better to dream, even if dreams are almost always utopy, but life is also made of it.

Interesting topic.